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01380 723712

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Devizes Depot:

01380 723712

Bristol Depot:

01172 510490

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Entry Requirements

The driver must hold the appropriate licence for the vehicle they are to be assessed in.

Driving Assessments and Development Training

What is involved in driving assessments and development training?

Driving assessments can be conducted for a number of reasons, this can include:

New employee assessments - To make sure that they have the required skills in order to complete the work required.

Post-accident assessments - Undertaken where the candidate's confidence in their given role may be undermined following an accident.

General annual assessments - Where a role may involve specific yearly assessments these can be tailored to the specifications or certification required.

Return to work assessments - Designed to help establish if a candidate is suitable to return to work and assess whether they are safe and confident to do so.

Undercover "mystery shopper" assessments - This assessment allows you to establish if employees are following company policies correctly and any legal legislation required of them, with the ability to be able to tailor further training individually where required.

What are the benefits of driving assessments?

  • Improved confidence.
  • Practical suggestions on how driving skills could be improved.
  • A full in-depth written report reviewing the driving.
  • A certificate of completion.

How long are driving assessments?

Each assessment is one day and is individual and tailored to your requirements. Please contact our Customer Support Team to discuss your needs.

Dates and availability.

These courses are planned to your availability, please give us a call to organise a date to suit you.

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Want to discuss availability?

If you would like to discuss availability send us a date request and we will give you a call back to discuss your requirements.

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What our customers are saying...

""Since then we have had no problems with this driver""

When I took over the driving team at Riverford it quickly became apparent that one of the drivers needed some time invested in him. He had recently had a string of minor accidents so I contacted Wttl who came and did an initial assessment of the driver. This was then followed by the driver attending a SAFED driving assessment at Wttl. The feedback was that the driver was struggling with close manoeuvring. After an afternoon of training he was reassessed and they could already see improvements. Since then we have had no problems with this driver.

Jason Horner, Riverford Organic Farms