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Banksperson Training

What is a Banksman / Banksperson?

A Banksman is a highly skilled and qualified person who is in charge of directing the movements of large vehicles on a work site by using a system of hand signals or radio links to prevent accidents and keep workers safe.

The Banksman must have excellent communication skills. They are responsible for ensuring that all other workers know where they are and what they are doing, while they also assist in keeping everyone and everything moving through zones as safely as possible.

A banksman makes sure that any manoeuvres made during loading and unloading will not put the driver, or anyone else, in danger. A banksman's job is to be responsible for ensuring that there are no obstructions when lifting operations are taking place, as well as monitoring the safety of the driver.

Why take a Banksman course?

Reversing manoeuvres can be risky, particularly when undertaken in confined spaces. Vehicle Banksman training ensures organisations meet their legal requirements, reduce the risk of costly accidents and ensure the safety of all employees who drive large vehicles.

Banksman training ensures that organisations meet their legal requirements and reduce the risk of costly accidents when carrying out large vehicle reversing manoeuvres. It also provides safe working practices, reduces the risk of loss through injury or damage to expensive equipment, and makes workplace environments safer for everyone involved.

The role of a banksman can often be confused with that of a Traffic Marshal. A banksman is responsible for directing site traffic and larger vehicles in and out of tight spaces, often on a construction site or industrial warehouse, while a traffic marshal banksman is responsible for directing traffic in general. They help keep people safe when there are a large number of cars, trucks, and buses on the road and accidents can occur when vehicles get too close to one another.

Who should take the Banksman course?

Our Banksman course is designed for all those involved in the careful manoeuvring of large goods vehicles, both rigid and articulated. At WTTL we teach delegates the HSE-approved code of signals, which ensures that all movements are carried out safely.

The course is designed for everybody involved in manoeuvring, loading and unloading vehicles. It will cover the duties of a banksperson / banksman and give you practical experience to make sure that any manoeuvres made during loading and unloading will not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

If you are looking for a job in the industry, and want to take on a substantial responsibility with limited supervision and high levels of autonomy then completing Banksman training could see you rewarded with a highly desirable position within an organisation.

The WTTL Banksperson Training Course

Banksman training is a 1-day course which can cater for up to 6 people either at our training centre in Devizes or on your site. It is more beneficial to run the course at the site where the candidates will be working to enable us to make the training more specific to your vehicle movements. This allows us to tailor the course specifically to each client’s needs, providing them with all they need to know in order to perform their role as a banksman safely, effectively and efficiently.

Course Content

The course is specifically tailored to each customer, but the course will include:

  • Drivers’ Responsibilities.
  • Reversing Procedures.
  • Safe Systems of Work.
  • Accident Prevention.
  • Guides Responsibilities.
  • Hand Signals.

Additional Information

  • If the training will be taking place on your site you must ensure that there is a suitable safe area available for the training to take place.
  • It is recommended that the vehicle is similar, if not the same, as the vehicles the candidates will be expected to direct after they have completed the course.

Dates and availability.

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"Class A Training!"

Class A training! Pete was great and a joy to learn from. I would highly recommend this company to all my friends and anyone else looking to learn. Thank you guys.

Joey Harper