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12 days


£1300+VAT Plus £140 Exam fees

Entry Requirements

As this is a level 3 qualification candidates will benefit from having a good level of English and maths.

CPC for Transport Managers (Road Haulage)

Our Certificate of Professional Competence course is a 12 day program split into 2 sections. We have structured the course so that candidates will learn everything they need to know to pass the exams without any prior knowledge. Being a level 3 qualification, this is essentially the equivalent to completing an A Level qualification in just 12 days, so alongside the training course, candidates will be expected to complete revision and homework papers in their own time.

Day 1

This is the first day of the course, the idea behind the first few days is to cover the modules that help candidates to establish the building blocks of a transport company, the laws that need to be abided by in order to set up the company, marketing, commercial conduct and the Health and Safety laws that they would need to follow in order to run a legal and compliant operation.

Day 2

Day 2 continues with the base level knowledge needed to run your own business, topics covered would be things such as trade unions, maternity & paternity and redundancy laws as well as business tax, finacial management, organisational structure and Key performance indicators.

Day 3

Day 3 is the first day that two of the five key subjects are introduced. The day is split between learning financial management and Operator licencing laws.

Day 4

Day 4 focuses on operational and fleet management the course will delve into planned preventative maintenance, plating & testing as well as vehicle taxation and driver licensing.

Day 5

Day 5 focuses on the third of the 5 key topics and the majority of the day will be spent learning and confirming Drivers Hours legislation which forms a big part of the examination in regard to the scheduling questions as well as covering vehicle selection, Fleet inspections and the roles of DVSA and other enforcement agencies.

Day 6

The majority of the day will be spent learning the 4th key subject which is weights and dimensions of all types of vehicles rigids, artics with various axle configurations and special types orders. Once candidates understand the attributes of the different vehicles then the course moves onto looking at the safe loading of those vehicles and associated insurances.

Day 7

Day 7 covers the final key subject as most of the day is spent looking at vehicle costing, this would look at the costs associated with running the trucks themselves as well as the business as a whole and looking to calculate rates for jobs and how best to make sure that your business remains profitable. The remainder of the day looks at traffic regulations, speed limits and road traffic accident procedures.

Day 8

This is the final "learning" day and mops up all the remaining subjects that have not yet been covered. Most of the day consists of international permits, insurances and documentation needed to run a successful international haulage business.

Day 9 - 11

The final three days of the course really focus on the case study exam. The learning for the multiple choice has now been completed and we will now be showing you how to use the information that you have learnt to answer case study style questions relevant for your exams. The days are flexible and will be adjusted dependant on the needs and requests of the candidates and while mock tests are being completed, one to one specific training needs can be address on a small group or individual basis.

Day 12

Exam day, The multiple choice test usually commences at 9.30 - 11.30 followed by the case study exam at 13.00 15.15. candidates are welcome to arrive from 8am to use our classrooms for any last-minute studying they feel necessary.


Course price - £1300+VAT

Exam Fees - £140

Dates and availability

Below are the next available dates for the course

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23 Sep 2024
13 Day TMCPC
9 spaces
18 Nov 2024
13 Day TMCPC
12 spaces
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What our customers are saying...

"Second To None!"

Craigs knowledge appears second to none on the subject areas. He was aware of all minor details of the most obscure of areas within the course. Craig and Toms dynamic kept the course relaxed giving a good atmosphere. Thanks guys!

Chris Maitland