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We get some great comments from our clients. Here are just a selection of them.

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Comments from our Clients

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"Always been very happy with the high standard of training provided by all of Wttl's staff, and would recommend you to anyone. Keep up the good work."
11th March 2011

"Created a very relaxed, enjoyable session during which I felt I learnt easily. I felt that a lot of useful information was covered during the session with useful methods of remembering it all. Overall really impressed by the entire session and Barney as a teacher. Thanks."
11th March 2011

"All Wttl staff have been helpful, approachable & friendly. Although the course content is relatively complex, the instructors have made everyone feel at ease & helped with all that have found difficulty in understanding items."
10th March 2011

"Many thanks with all the help you gave Sarah to help her pass her test. "
1st March 2011

"I thought the instructor was friendly and approachable. The course was the best forklift course I have been on, excellent throughout."
25th February 2011

"I am very glad to have been given the chance to do FLT refresher training. It has been an eye opener to how much I had forgotten. I feel a lot more confident after this training. I want to congratulate Tom on his good teaching methods."
18th February 2011

"Tom was very understanding to my needs and explained everything in great details. Also, he was very courteous and polite. A very good instructor."
18th February 2011

"Excellent facilities, very professional set up. Excellent trainer who was very knowledgeable. Made to feel comfortable, I would consider more courses"
12th February 2011

"I would consider further training with Wttl as I find Wttl a professional company. A well delivered course"
12th February 2011

"I completed a 3 week course with WTTL, although it was very intensive, they were excellent and very helpful and professional and were more than willing to offer extra tuition. They provided a free lunch every day and a free introduction day to enable home study prior to the course starting. Many of the trainers are ex-military with many of the students serving or ex military, highly recommended"
12th February 2011

"Thanks to you ALL for your professionalism and support with a special mention for Barney and Allan for putting me through my paces and building my self belief! I have little doubt that we will come back to your for any further training in the future"
12th February 2011

"I was made very welcome. Course very relaxing and enjoyable. Will recommend and use again."
10th February 2011

"Although I only used Wttl as an exam centre for my Passenger CPC, the team were thoroughly helpful and welcoming. "
27th January 2011

"Phil, Thank you very much for helping me through my class 2. It was a great week and I enjoyed it. I will be back for class 1 in the near future. Many thanks once again"
25th January 2011

"Could you please pass on my thanks to Phil and Sam for their efforts in helping me achieve my Cat C licence, Everyone at Wttl was so friendly and very proffesional at all times"
19th January 2011

Comments 901 to 915 of 949
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