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Subcontracting Supply-chain Fees and Charges Policy


Wttl will contract with other, like minded training partners who complement our existing provision and ensure a high quality training experience that supports learners and employers to deliver programmes and activities funded by the government through its funding bodies. In particular we will contract with organisations which focus on training opportunities that support employability skills.

This policy sets out our Subcontractor supply-chain fees and charges as required in the terms of our Skills Funding Agency Contract and must be read alongside the Service Level Agreement in place with each Sub Contractor.


This policy applies to all Subcontractor activity that is supported by funds supplied by the Skills Funding Agency, the Education Funding Agency or any successor organisations.


All potential and current Subcontractors will supply Wttl with all relevant information requested within the Wttl Due Diligence Form to ensure that the Subcontractor is legally financially and occupationally sound and inform Wttl immediately if there are any changes to their financial or professional circumstances. 

Subcontractor performance and delivery requirements, Terms and Conditions and payment arrangements are set out in the Subcontractor’s Service Level Agreement.

Wttl retains a management fee from all subcontractors which ranges from 15% to 30%.  Not all Subcontractors are charged the same management fee and the level applied is dependent upon the intensity of management services required by the Subcontractor. All Subcontractors will receive a high level of support and guidance including;

Payments to subcontractors will be made within 30 days of receiving a valid claim for payment.


The selection of new subcontractors will have fair and transparent process to ensure they are suitable and have sufficient capacity, capability, quality and financial standing.


This policy forms part of the Service Level Agreement for Subcontractors.

In order to implement this policy Wttl will;

Monitoring and Review.

This policy will be monitored regularly in line with any changes in funding, legislation or company procedures or where concerns are raised, with a full review being carried out once a year.


The Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance has overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation and review.




Wendy Rees Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance



Sub Contractors - 2017/18 Academic Year


Transport Training Academy (TTA). - UKPRN:10032910

Type of Provision:


Funding Profile:


Management Fee:


Funding Payable to TTA:




The contract commenced on 1st August 2017 and ends 31st July 2018




Previous Years Subcontractor Payments


Last updated 13/8/2018