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ADR Cornwall

28 Sep 2018

 We're not sure if this is a celebratory photo or just Darryl & his ADR candidates showing off our new exam venue in Cornwall.
With the Millenium Hall out of action exams moved to the beach front surf club in Portreath.
Hopefully the views didn't detract from the answer papers and all will be celebrating passes when the results are published.

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End Point Assessment

12 Jul 2018

 12 months ago our first apprentices signed on to the new standards for a Large Goods Vehicle Driver.

Today that journey came to a close with their end point assessments conducted by the RHA.

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International training

16 Jun 2018

 Jamie & Darryl had a weekend in Prague courtesy of a client request for a Safe Urban Driving course.

Saturday saw them out on the cycles where translation was all in the hand signals

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10 learners ready for the Road

22 Apr 2018

 Due to our level of Module 4 delivery, the DVSA have allowed us to step up to two designated assessors.

So Jamie joins Craig with the ability to test and award pass certification.

Today the pair were working together to deliver what could be the biggest day of Module 4 success as they trained 5 apiece, then swopped to assess each others learners.

Ten tests & Ten pass certificates