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New for 2011 – Even more CPC

10 Dec 2010

While many Logistics companies are still considering how to make a start with Driver CPC. Here at Wttl we have turned our attention back to the Operators requirements.

Over the past few months our South West Traffic Commissioner has been attending various events outlining her expectations of how operators keep their knowledge up to date. In order to assist with implementing this best practice, Wttl have developed a two-day refresher course giving an overview of current CPC content and recently changed legislation. The programme is currently with JAUPT for approval in order for attendees to be able to claim 14 hours Driver CPC periodic training when attending the course.

Our first course is programmed for the 14th & 15th of March 2011 and we plan to run it bi-monthly from then.

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Wttl North Devon Partner

5 Dec 2010

Following the success of our, now well established partnership in Cornwall alongside Martins Driver Training, Wttl have identified a partner for the North Devon region.

Based in Barnstaple, Absolute Driving Solutions already have the capacity to deliver Wttl licence acquisition training on Cat C and C+E vehicles, DCPC and Lorry Mounted Crane.

The partnership will see the rest of the Wttl syllabus available to employers in the region phased in through 2011. First stages include Apprentice delivery commencing in the New Year with a National CPC course planned in preparation for the March examinations.

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Road Safety Week

2 Dec 2010

The 22nd to 26th of November saw Wttl once again visit school's in support of Brake’s Road Safety Week, to give youngsters an opportunity to get behind the wheel and take a look at the road from a driver’s point of view.

The first presentation was given to the local Scout’s Troupe. Our instructors Brian & Rod visited school's in All Cannings, Devizes, Swindon and Durrington after which there are several hundred children more aware of the visibility and manoeuvrability issues drivers have to manage in the urban environment. We believe this knowledge will help them and their parents to stay safe when in close proximity to Large Goods Vehicles.

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Race Across America Marathon

1 Dec 2010

With the news Barney was taking a year out from trekking across the country to raise funds for Help for Heroes, Wttl was left looking for someone else up for a similar challenge so that we could continue our support for the charity.

The answer came in the form of 47AD Squadron based at Lyneham who are looking to compete in a 3000 mile cycle relay race from the West to East coasts of America, starting on the 18th June 2011. Prior to that the team of 8 cyclists and their support team will be busy training and fund raising.

The 2009 team completed the race in just over 6 days and raised over £5000. So the target has been set for 47AD Squadron to beat. Details of the event can be found on
www.madraam.webs.com/aboutus.htm and donations can be accepted via www.justgiving.com/47ad-raam

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Driver Recruitment Agency 24-7 Drivers

15 Nov 2010

Wttl continue to work with the driver recruitment agency 24-7 Drivers to train their drivers and help to put more skilled drivers on the road in our local community.

Recruitment and training go hand in hand and we have been working with 24-7 Drivers for a number of years now providing Drivers CPC courses, LGV licence acquisitions and general refresher courses to help up-skill their drivers to the high standard that
24-7 Drivers demand.

24-7 Drivers have two offices based in Chippenham and Yate. For more information on 24-7 Drivers and the services that they provide please visit their website at www.24-7drivers.co.uk.

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The use of magnets with Digital Tachographs

13 Nov 2010

The Road Haulage Association is calling for a step-change in enforcement against lorry drivers who use magnets to hide how many hours they are driving.

“Penalties are nothing like adequate,” said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. “Magnets disrupt the signal from the truck to the tachograph, allowing them to flout the law by driving for long periods which are not recorded. This creates a real danger to other road users and disrupts the haulage market for reputable firms.

It is quite rare for British drivers to use magnets. The consequences are severe for both the driver, who is likely to lose his vocational licence and in all likelihood for the employer, who may lose his licence to operate trucks. In short, they may both be put out of the industry.

The situation is very different in respect of drivers from abroad. The Central Motorway Police Group has revealed that 30% of non-UK registered trucks subjected to targeted checks in the first quarter of this year were found to be using a magnet.

It is common for such foreign drivers to get away with a £200 fixed penalty, imposed at the roadside for the lesser offence of failing to keep a record. This is an inadequate deterrent. We understand why fixed penalties are used – it is easier than the alternative, which is to have a police officer arrest the driver and take him to court. That happens in some cases but not nearly enough. Even if the driver is brought to court and found guilty, the penalty from magistrates is often woefully inadequate for such a serious offence. We are urging VOSA and the police to take the driver to court as a matter of course when there is evidence that he has used a magnet, and for the courts to then impose a heavy fine and instant disqualification on the driver if he is guilty.

We need to send an unequivocal message to foreign drivers and their employers that the use of magnets to cheat the drivers’ hours rules will not be tolerated in the UK,” Geoff Dunning concluded.