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On Tour

9 Mar 2016

 For many of our learners, driving is an early aspiration, for others it may be a second career choice after a few years but for Philip Simpson, as retirement beckoned, he got a fancy for the open road.

And not just setting off sight seeing on his own, Philip fancied being the driver for those who wanted a trip to the South of France or the Alps.

Todays pass and an employment offer from Barnes coaches now sees those thoughts become a reality

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Horse Power

3 Dec 2015

 Commercial Motor were looking at niche roles within logistics this month and came across our apprentice Callum Whittle.

When Wadworths approached us they had quite a recruitment issue in that they needed a LGV apprentice who also knew about dray horses.

Luckily they also had Callum in mind at that point and now several years later he is a local feature delivering to their pubs around Devizes and at the various shows the team attend

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James's Day behind the wheel

25 Sep 2015

 Not everyone gets to be issued a LGV licence and that must be doubly frustrating when the family business is haulage and your first love is trucks.

But that doesn't mean you can't get behind the wheel

All you need is a truck, and a helpful club of truck drivers with links to an airfield.

Step forward GoT, The Steelboys & RAF Fairford and one young mans dream can become a reality.

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European Haulage

20 Jun 2015

 After being one of our first learners to take a C+E test in Game of Thrones, Ginny Thompson has gone on to realise her dream of driving in Europe.

Now employed by local company Broughton Transport she is regularly to be seen in France, Holland & Belgium with the companies distinctive trailers