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Reaching a goal

29 Sep 2016

 Upon hearing the news that Ryan Hacon had passed a driving assessment and been issued with an employment contract with our good customer Honda Logisitics, we had a trawl through the archives for our earliest sight on Ryan'

1st March seems like the date, the day he picked up his first pass certificate and there have been a few.

Cat C & Module 4 set the tone and a pathway to employment with Timbmet. In full time employment the savings went toward a C+E licence passed last week.

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TWM = Tom Williamsons Mercedes

26 Aug 2016

 We've mentioned recruiting our own learners in our case studies previously.

Tom was our fisrt attempt in this line of recruitment, joining us at the end of last year.

There have been several milestones since with Cat C , Module 4, DVSA Instructor and today was another as Tom celebrates his first candidate pass in our latest artic.

TWM was bought as "The White Mercedes" but it seems Tom Williamsons Mercedes will also fit

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Our Apprentices are now our competition

17 Jul 2016

 This season we seen to have created our own competition at the local Truck Shows. 

R T Keedwell have a new show team that comprises a group of our apprentices Tommy, Scott, Luke & Carl .

After a few appearances last season, they seem to be catching the judges eyes this year with trophies in best fleet.

See you at Wessex in August guys

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Another roundabout journey

17 May 2016

 Sometimes life can see you progress to where you began.

For our latest addition to the team that's the case as after passing both his Cat C & C+E at Wttl several years ago he has now embarked on a new journey teaching others

Today saw the first of what we're sure will be many pass certificates issued to his candidates