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Knights of the Road

3 Mar 2017

 Today marked the start of what could become a new working partnership with Driver First Assist.

Drivers from M&N were our first to go through the programme, that along with First Aid, helps drives make the scene of an incident safe and provide vital information to the emergency services on their arrival

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400th Apprentice Completion

31 Jan 2017

 Today, Caitlin helped create a couple of landmarks, not only for her on completion of the Traffic Office Apprenticeship and becoming one of our youngest CPC examination successes, but also hers were the 400th set of Apprentice Certificates we have issued.

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Traffic Office Level 3

18 Nov 2016

 Following on from success with the September CPC exams, There were further celebration at C M Downton today as  Traffic Office Apprentice Tiana was awarded her Level 3 completion certificates.

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23 Oct 2016

 We're celebrating a fantastic result for our latest group of CPC candidates , who after their long wait, heard today that they had all passed the case study exams